Friday, July 6, 2007

i'm taking over the laptop

my plan is simple. when m is using the laptop, i lay on her arm. that way she can't play with the mouse. she shoves me off (how rude), but i don't give up that easily. i just wriggle in and start a cat nap. then she just has to pay attention to me. good plan, eh?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

those bouncy treats

i think i saw that treat bounce into here...

just a little further...

m, have you seen that treat?

maybe i'll just watch for it....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

new sound and activity

two new things happened today.

1. the sound

it was coming from the ceiling. it was loud, but it was kinda nice. i didn't sway because m would think i was weird but inside i wanted to dance a bit. it wasn't the radio or tv or the stereo. do you know what it was?

2. the activity

m was crawling on the patio outside scraping the damp green stuff from the stones. she is weird. she collected a big brown bag of it. i of course didn't want the neighbours to think i was participating so i just hid in the corner and kept an eye on things. even though me is strange, i have to say it was pretty amazing she didn't squeal at the itsy bitsy bugs like she usually does.

hope you are learning new things too! see you soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

holy has it been since march 11 catman?

sorry to my two faithful readers out there (i'm assuming there MUST be someone other than m who reads my posts). it's been a crazy few months.

m has been gone quite a bit with her red suitcase. and more often than not she's spending time in that box downtown. she should be grateful i killed two big hairy brown spiders for her.

but back to me. it's all about me really. i'm doing really well. there are new plants out on the patio and even some grass for me to chew on. finally. some of the birds are back, but i think m is forgetting to feed them so not too many come around.

to answer the question about no capitals in my writing. it's a fad out there right now, but i would like to say that i have been writing without capitals for years and years. m does too. well, at the big box downtown she does use capitals on the computer because it's required. check your cards people. m and i have not used capitals since....oh about 1995. for m, it's because she's lazy. for me, i just think it's cool.

the sun is going away so i've got to soak up what i can. more about me next time!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

another drippy sunday

it's another drippy day in yeowtown. m is tired from losing an hour of sleep (i'm sure that's the only reason and nothing to do with me moving from sleepy spot to sleepy spot). i could just drag about the apartment and nap for hours. but i should do something here's a list.

things i am thankful for today are:

  1. the new mouse upstairs. the elephant has gone. yeow!

  2. m's mom and dad finally got on-line so they can see my blog. i am a little sad it's taken them this long to realize how important i am. hi w and b!

  3. all the kitty blogs out there that are so creative. cats are really amazing, aren't they?

  4. m's friend smarties has a lab result of 120. that's in the normal zone now!

  5. tuna came today.

there's much more i'm thankful for, but i'm feeling sleepy....

Friday, March 2, 2007

it was useless...

sitting on the red suitcase. it went away and it took m with it. all the way to hawaii.

thankfully it was a short trip and m came back just when i was really missing her. i was so excited i ran all over the apartment and kept her awake at night (i had to keep crawling up to her face to see if it was really her while she was sleeping). now that m is back there is someone to turn the fireplace on again.

don't tell m that there is one thing i love when she goes away with the red suitcase. well two things. er, people. e and j. they love me, brush my hair, play toys and keep everything tidy in my box. even better than m.

the rain is back and i even saw some flakes fall yesterday. i hope spring comes soon...spring means more birds at the window.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

aw shucks

so many comments and i just started blogging! i didn't even think anyone would read it. m will be so jealous. if she lets me on the laptop long enough i'll have to surf over and see what everyone else has been writing about.

m is too tired to play with me today. a friend flew into yeowtown but of course the big bird didn't land her until 10 pm. then she had to take her friend back to hook up with another big bird and they were up at 5 am.

actually i wondered if m was going on the big bird too because the red suitcase is back.

i hate the red suitcase.

whenever the red suitcase comes out it means m leaves me. sometimes it's just for a few days and sometimes it's for weeks or even (gasp) a month!!! but it's been sitting there for awhile, so maybe she's just testing my love?

anyway, today is valentine's day and i hope you all are surrounded by people who love you very much. and that you never miss an opportunity to tell them you love them back. i suggest purry cuddles but do whatever works for you.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

another rainy day

today was a typical february day in vancouver. rain. more rain. break from the rain but cloudy and dark. it probably will rain again tonight.

m hates the rainy days, so i watched her do a bunch of stuff inside. the most interesting were the cookies...if i sit on the dining room table i can see onto the kitchen counter. m doesn't let me hang out in the kitchen.

only 17 more days until the elephant leaves. last night it was running around the living room.

Friday, February 9, 2007

about m

this is me working hard today thinking about a few things you should know about m.

  1. m rescued me from the spca

  2. it took m quite a few tries to realize i won't eat any food except my veggie/tuna crunchies and real canned tuna. bless her heart she tried so many others.

  3. m is willing to throw my crunchies around so i can chase them. it makes crunchies more exciting, don't you think so?

  4. m lets me drink from the bathroom sink.

  5. m doesn't snore but she moves around a lot. so i stopped sleeping beside her or on her head and now i just sleep at the bottom of the bed in a corner.

  6. m understands me when i meow.

  7. although not as often as i like, m brushes my coat nicely.

  8. more often that i like, m is mean and cuts off my claws. so then i race around the apartment and claw up the carpet tower by the tv.

  9. m talked to me almost the entire way while we were driving here from edmonton. well, actually i think part of the time she was talking to herself.

  10. m loves me very much!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

a moment of peace

something has disturbed my peaceful yeowtown. it's loud. it's at random time intervals. it makes me jump sometimes. can you guess? maybe you'll be surprised to know it is the elephant that lives upstairs.

i heard m talk about the elephant with one of her friends....well.... actually a few friends. the elephant isn't very good at understanding that cats and people live nearby. it drops furniture, drives its car around, hosts rock band concerts and uses the garborator a lot.

but we heard some good news. the elephant is moving. turns out everyone close by had been so irritated with it in the whopping 65 days it's lived here so far. so only a few more weeks to go.

(edit by m. ceili really does jump at times when the "elephant" upstairs is banging around)

Monday, January 29, 2007

today was pretty rough

i mean, i had to amuse myself for hours and hours while m was at work. which can be hard when the fireplace isn't on, m hasn't warmed up a spot on the couch, the birds aren't playing on the patio and m has killed all the visible spiders. what's a girl to do?

oh ya, sleep....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

we don't live in yaletown but...

you can definitely call me a west coast girl. my name is ceili and i just might be the cutest, friendliest, and sweetest cat this side of false creek.

i have a strict diet of fish (real tuna only - no substitutes allowed) and crunchy vegetables with protein. the veggies come in these neat heart shapes. i like to move around and play with m. my favourite game is chase where m pretends to not see me when i hide on the chair seat under the dining room table.

vancouver is lot different from edmonton. instead of pretty white stuff on the windows, it's always dripping, dripping, dripping. but we do have this great patio where i can hang out and pretend i'm a savage cat. of course, i do get chilled sometimes and that's when i love our fireplace.

this is my first time posting on the internet...m rarely lets me near the laptop. hope to see you back soon.