Saturday, July 17, 2010


in case you end up here, first you'll notice ceili stopped blogging some time ago. she was pretty busy catching spiders, napping and bird watching. not much time for writing.

on 10 july 2010 ceili went to be wherever it is cats go when they leave us. i'm not sure about the rainbow bridge, but i know a lot of fluffaholics who are. what i do know for sure is that ceili will be missed. she was the weirdest, loveliest cat. ever. oh i know everyone thinks that about their own pet, but she was one of the special ones. here are some of the things i'll miss....

ceili would....
  • dig for q-tips in the garbage to play with. later they would end up in her food bowl (thankfully she stopped shoving them under the door into the apartment hallway)
  • softly pat me just under my nose to wake me up. if that didn't work....anything she could push off the nightstand went on the floor.
  • wait in between the shower curtain and liner while i had a shower. i never understood why.
  • crawl up near my head (when i was in bed) and get herself in position. then she would look behind her and "free fall" sideways so she'd be right up against me.

i'm thankful for the eight years i had a such a wonderful creature to share my home with.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

meowsings for a new year

did you know that in just a few months, m and i will have been in yeowtown for 3 years? i just can't believe it.

m took this picture of me. i think it shows off my eyes, but you can't appreciate my luxurious fur pattern. oh well.

this may be an interesting year. last year was good - m's one sister got married, the other sister had a baby girl, m went to hawaii and all these places where mills are......WAIT...shove off, m, this post is about me. yeesh. ok. so last year was good because there were treats, lots of time by the fireplace, an exciting trip outdoors, and big hairy spiders to play with.

this year has started well, too. m bought me a new scratch post. i was so embarrassed about the other one. it was falling apart and everytime i used it, little red carpet pieces were scattered over the beige floor. this new one is much more chic.

i am a little nervous though. i check the browser history on the laptop once in awhile. there are two things that i wonder about. the first is, m keeps looking at new places to live. does that mean we're moving? and she also is planning a trip to europe. oh man, another month of just laying about waiting for the girls to arrive and entertain me. maybe she's just dreaming and it won't really happen.

i read the book y'all wrote. some of it was sad and i had to stop and have a nap by the fire until i felt better. some of it was hilarious and i laughed.

well, hope your 2008 is starting out marvy.

Friday, July 6, 2007

i'm taking over the laptop

my plan is simple. when m is using the laptop, i lay on her arm. that way she can't play with the mouse. she shoves me off (how rude), but i don't give up that easily. i just wriggle in and start a cat nap. then she just has to pay attention to me. good plan, eh?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

those bouncy treats

i think i saw that treat bounce into here...

just a little further...

m, have you seen that treat?

maybe i'll just watch for it....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

new sound and activity

two new things happened today.

1. the sound

it was coming from the ceiling. it was loud, but it was kinda nice. i didn't sway because m would think i was weird but inside i wanted to dance a bit. it wasn't the radio or tv or the stereo. do you know what it was?

2. the activity

m was crawling on the patio outside scraping the damp green stuff from the stones. she is weird. she collected a big brown bag of it. i of course didn't want the neighbours to think i was participating so i just hid in the corner and kept an eye on things. even though me is strange, i have to say it was pretty amazing she didn't squeal at the itsy bitsy bugs like she usually does.

hope you are learning new things too! see you soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

holy has it been since march 11 catman?

sorry to my two faithful readers out there (i'm assuming there MUST be someone other than m who reads my posts). it's been a crazy few months.

m has been gone quite a bit with her red suitcase. and more often than not she's spending time in that box downtown. she should be grateful i killed two big hairy brown spiders for her.

but back to me. it's all about me really. i'm doing really well. there are new plants out on the patio and even some grass for me to chew on. finally. some of the birds are back, but i think m is forgetting to feed them so not too many come around.

to answer the question about no capitals in my writing. it's a fad out there right now, but i would like to say that i have been writing without capitals for years and years. m does too. well, at the big box downtown she does use capitals on the computer because it's required. check your cards people. m and i have not used capitals since....oh about 1995. for m, it's because she's lazy. for me, i just think it's cool.

the sun is going away so i've got to soak up what i can. more about me next time!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

another drippy sunday

it's another drippy day in yeowtown. m is tired from losing an hour of sleep (i'm sure that's the only reason and nothing to do with me moving from sleepy spot to sleepy spot). i could just drag about the apartment and nap for hours. but i should do something here's a list.

things i am thankful for today are:

  1. the new mouse upstairs. the elephant has gone. yeow!

  2. m's mom and dad finally got on-line so they can see my blog. i am a little sad it's taken them this long to realize how important i am. hi w and b!

  3. all the kitty blogs out there that are so creative. cats are really amazing, aren't they?

  4. m's friend smarties has a lab result of 120. that's in the normal zone now!

  5. tuna came today.

there's much more i'm thankful for, but i'm feeling sleepy....