Thursday, June 14, 2007

new sound and activity

two new things happened today.

1. the sound

it was coming from the ceiling. it was loud, but it was kinda nice. i didn't sway because m would think i was weird but inside i wanted to dance a bit. it wasn't the radio or tv or the stereo. do you know what it was?

2. the activity

m was crawling on the patio outside scraping the damp green stuff from the stones. she is weird. she collected a big brown bag of it. i of course didn't want the neighbours to think i was participating so i just hid in the corner and kept an eye on things. even though me is strange, i have to say it was pretty amazing she didn't squeal at the itsy bitsy bugs like she usually does.

hope you are learning new things too! see you soon.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

you have noises from the ceiling? we've got some birdies with nests that we can hear chirping up near the ceiling, but we dunno what your noise might be. windchimes maybe? we got some of those too and they make nice noises, but not really good fur dancing. what was your noise?

ceili said...

the new sound was musical and kinda jazzy! there are windchimes also, but we tune them out cause they're more clangy than nice.