Saturday, January 19, 2008

meowsings for a new year

did you know that in just a few months, m and i will have been in yeowtown for 3 years? i just can't believe it.

m took this picture of me. i think it shows off my eyes, but you can't appreciate my luxurious fur pattern. oh well.

this may be an interesting year. last year was good - m's one sister got married, the other sister had a baby girl, m went to hawaii and all these places where mills are......WAIT...shove off, m, this post is about me. yeesh. ok. so last year was good because there were treats, lots of time by the fireplace, an exciting trip outdoors, and big hairy spiders to play with.

this year has started well, too. m bought me a new scratch post. i was so embarrassed about the other one. it was falling apart and everytime i used it, little red carpet pieces were scattered over the beige floor. this new one is much more chic.

i am a little nervous though. i check the browser history on the laptop once in awhile. there are two things that i wonder about. the first is, m keeps looking at new places to live. does that mean we're moving? and she also is planning a trip to europe. oh man, another month of just laying about waiting for the girls to arrive and entertain me. maybe she's just dreaming and it won't really happen.

i read the book y'all wrote. some of it was sad and i had to stop and have a nap by the fire until i felt better. some of it was hilarious and i laughed.

well, hope your 2008 is starting out marvy.


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The Lee County Clowder said...

We just heard from the kitties at And Then There Were Four...Eh! plus Two that Ceili went to The Bridge. We didn't know her very well, but she looked like a nice kittie.

Sending mournfull purrrss and gentle headbuttss.