Saturday, July 17, 2010


in case you end up here, first you'll notice ceili stopped blogging some time ago. she was pretty busy catching spiders, napping and bird watching. not much time for writing.

on 10 july 2010 ceili went to be wherever it is cats go when they leave us. i'm not sure about the rainbow bridge, but i know a lot of fluffaholics who are. what i do know for sure is that ceili will be missed. she was the weirdest, loveliest cat. ever. oh i know everyone thinks that about their own pet, but she was one of the special ones. here are some of the things i'll miss....

ceili would....
  • dig for q-tips in the garbage to play with. later they would end up in her food bowl (thankfully she stopped shoving them under the door into the apartment hallway)
  • softly pat me just under my nose to wake me up. if that didn't work....anything she could push off the nightstand went on the floor.
  • wait in between the shower curtain and liner while i had a shower. i never understood why.
  • crawl up near my head (when i was in bed) and get herself in position. then she would look behind her and "free fall" sideways so she'd be right up against me.

i'm thankful for the eight years i had a such a wonderful creature to share my home with.


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