Sunday, March 11, 2007

another drippy sunday

it's another drippy day in yeowtown. m is tired from losing an hour of sleep (i'm sure that's the only reason and nothing to do with me moving from sleepy spot to sleepy spot). i could just drag about the apartment and nap for hours. but i should do something here's a list.

things i am thankful for today are:

  1. the new mouse upstairs. the elephant has gone. yeow!

  2. m's mom and dad finally got on-line so they can see my blog. i am a little sad it's taken them this long to realize how important i am. hi w and b!

  3. all the kitty blogs out there that are so creative. cats are really amazing, aren't they?

  4. m's friend smarties has a lab result of 120. that's in the normal zone now!

  5. tuna came today.

there's much more i'm thankful for, but i'm feeling sleepy....

Friday, March 2, 2007

it was useless...

sitting on the red suitcase. it went away and it took m with it. all the way to hawaii.

thankfully it was a short trip and m came back just when i was really missing her. i was so excited i ran all over the apartment and kept her awake at night (i had to keep crawling up to her face to see if it was really her while she was sleeping). now that m is back there is someone to turn the fireplace on again.

don't tell m that there is one thing i love when she goes away with the red suitcase. well two things. er, people. e and j. they love me, brush my hair, play toys and keep everything tidy in my box. even better than m.

the rain is back and i even saw some flakes fall yesterday. i hope spring comes soon...spring means more birds at the window.