Saturday, May 26, 2007

holy has it been since march 11 catman?

sorry to my two faithful readers out there (i'm assuming there MUST be someone other than m who reads my posts). it's been a crazy few months.

m has been gone quite a bit with her red suitcase. and more often than not she's spending time in that box downtown. she should be grateful i killed two big hairy brown spiders for her.

but back to me. it's all about me really. i'm doing really well. there are new plants out on the patio and even some grass for me to chew on. finally. some of the birds are back, but i think m is forgetting to feed them so not too many come around.

to answer the question about no capitals in my writing. it's a fad out there right now, but i would like to say that i have been writing without capitals for years and years. m does too. well, at the big box downtown she does use capitals on the computer because it's required. check your cards people. m and i have not used capitals since....oh about 1995. for m, it's because she's lazy. for me, i just think it's cool.

the sun is going away so i've got to soak up what i can. more about me next time!