Monday, January 29, 2007

today was pretty rough

i mean, i had to amuse myself for hours and hours while m was at work. which can be hard when the fireplace isn't on, m hasn't warmed up a spot on the couch, the birds aren't playing on the patio and m has killed all the visible spiders. what's a girl to do?

oh ya, sleep....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

we don't live in yaletown but...

you can definitely call me a west coast girl. my name is ceili and i just might be the cutest, friendliest, and sweetest cat this side of false creek.

i have a strict diet of fish (real tuna only - no substitutes allowed) and crunchy vegetables with protein. the veggies come in these neat heart shapes. i like to move around and play with m. my favourite game is chase where m pretends to not see me when i hide on the chair seat under the dining room table.

vancouver is lot different from edmonton. instead of pretty white stuff on the windows, it's always dripping, dripping, dripping. but we do have this great patio where i can hang out and pretend i'm a savage cat. of course, i do get chilled sometimes and that's when i love our fireplace.

this is my first time posting on the internet...m rarely lets me near the laptop. hope to see you back soon.